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Tips for success from an award-winning reporter

Rebecca Aguilar takes a photo with a student after her discussion.

  By Adrian Hernandez A classroom full of students gathered at Texas State today, for a discussion on success with award-winning journalist Rebecca Aguilar (@rebeccaaguilar). Aguilar, a freelance writer and reporter for television and online, has won 48 awards in her 33 years in journalist, including seven Emmys. She is also the Vice President of… Read More

Video and Television Aesthetic Messages


Round Rock- Video and Television can create a power-killer content by using aesthetic to help deliver the concept of the message though the look, sound and feel that establishes what is trying to be said. Brian Ligon, City of Round Rock media specialist, graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in radio,… Read More

Telling the Untold Stories


Picture an Italian American. Now, picture a Texan Italian American. Documentary filmmaker Sergio Carvajal-Leoni said he wants to give Texans, and everyone, a picture of the Italian American culture in Central Texas. “We’re not telling our own stories,” he said, adding that people come from other places, like California, to tell the “Texas” story. Carvajal-Leoni’s… Read More

Rebecca Aguilar


by Lorenzo Almanza As part of their annual Mass Communications week, Texas State University hosted a variety of guest speakers and presented various lectures students can relate too. One of those speakers was Freelance writer and reporter, Rebecca Aguilar. Aguilar’s topic of discussion was “You can be a Success.” Senior Lecturer, Kim Fox explains the… Read More

Speaker Stresses Google Tools

Stacie Chan and Jake Goodman after the presentation. Photo by Cindy Royal.

Google News Community Manager speaks at Mass Communication Week By Jake Goodman Stacie Chan is a Community Manager at Google.  She spoke about her experience and the different tools Google provides that can benefit journalism and mass communication students. Chan graduated from Stanford University with a degree in communication and returned to attain a masters… Read More

Panelists stress importance of an online presence

IMG_0566 (1)

Texas State students gathered in a teaching theater Monday afternoon for a panel called “Getting creative with your digital career” in which mass communication professionals shared their advice for maximizing an online presence. “This is a star-studded panel, I’m not sure if you’re aware of that,” said Cindy Royal, a Texas State professor who moderated… Read More