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Eric Webb Talks Search Engine Opitimization

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by: Thomas Hobbs As part of Texas States’ Mass Communication Week, Eric Webb, producer for, gave a presentation on optimizing digital content for search engines Wednesday. The use of search engines to find articles and other digital media is not only common place but is an increasing trend. In 2013, 23 percent of the… Read More

Spurs On the Airwaves


Spurs On the Airwaves By Adam Schuster Texas State University students were treated to a special Q&A session with three of the most vital members of the San Antonio Spurs’ regional TV broadcasting team during Texas State’s annual Mass Communication Week. Mike Kickirillo, director of broadcasting for the Spurs; Bill Land, play-by-play commentator for the… Read More

O Captain! My Captain!

photography by Jacqueline Lege

“First off, let me transition into radio mode.” He shifts his weight, clears his throat and looks at the room: “It’s CJ Morgan – the CAPTAIN, 93.7 KLBJ… this is how we all talk… all the time.” Despite his affect, CJ Morgan has a method to his madness. Known primarily for his evening spot on… Read More

From Backpack to Briefcase: Q&A Panel

Photo by Caelan Bernal

By Caelan Bernal Texas State alumni who now are professionals in the field of advertising gave students advice this week on what it takes to get your first job, and what to expect. They discussed the paths they took to get to where they are now, and gave advice on how to be successful in… Read More

SJMC Advisory Council


Texas State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication held its bi-annual Advisory Board Meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss the future of the College, including a new major to be added to the Mass Communication program with an emphasis on technology. “Digital Innovation,” or what the proposed new major for Mass Communication students will be… Read More

Thursday Wrap Up- Mass Comm Week Comes to an End


The School of Journalism and Mass Communication successfully hosted their annual Mass Communications Week. This event is a four-day conference that allows students to interact with professionals in their prospective fields and discuss issues, trends, and media careers. Today’s final events proved just as exciting with guest speakers from CNN, USA Today and Google, alumni… Read More

Mass Comm Week: Meet and Greet


By Kristen Smith San Marcos River by Kristen Smith Mass Communications week at Texas State spans 4 days every year to focus on professionals, students and professors of the mass communications realm. This year, there were an array of seminars and sessions available for students to go to, all focusing on different aspects of mass… Read More

“CREATIVITY” in the Real Advertising World


Heidi Kucera Frustration with clients, rejection and creative limitations are part of the reality that comprise a career in advertising. Sara Helmy, CEO of the advertising and marketing firm Tribu, spoke on Thursday at Texas State University’s annual Mass Comm Week. Helmy, an alumna of Texas State University,  was accompanied by her co-worker John Speer,… Read More

Crisis Coversage: Fort Hood

Crisis Coverage Panel MC week '14 (2)

A panel of four journalists, both professional and student, discussed what goes into crisis coverage today in Old Main. Debbie Hiott (alumna), editor for the Austin American-Statesman; Jackie Stone, social media correspondent for the Austin American-Statesman; Kelsey Bradshaw for the Texas State University Star Newspaper and Jordan Gass-Poore for KTSW radio all discussed and answered… Read More