Socially Conscious Careers

By: Leigh Morgan Venturing out on their own, a Mass Communication Week panel shares how they ditched the cubicle and devoted their careers to help others in meaningful ways. Nathan Green, co-founder of campus2careers, said he was sick of seeing funding go to unemployment rather than helping students find jobs. Green decided to make aRead More

Times Continues To Change

By Michael L. Barrett Job placement is a dilemma many recent journalism graduates face with various newspapers going under around the country. Trying to find a job has become more difficult for many of these graduates. These problems were the problems that Robert Rivard addressed at Texas State earlier today. Rivard is currently an editorRead More

Students Gain Insight From Professionals at Alumni Panel

By Eric Harper The Journalism and Broadcasting Alumni discussed challenges they have had and tips for success in journalism at the Journalism and Broadcasting Alumni Panel Thursday as part of Texas State’s Mass Communication Week. Panelists included Austin American-Statesman news reporter Isadora Vail, content producer Maira Garcia, Texas State football announcer Brant Freeman andRead More

Ehren Foss, Nathan Green, David J. Neff and Sarah Vela discuss finding socially conscious jobs in Central Texas

By Michael Torres Texas State students who chose to attend Thursday’s panel were treated to an insight on socially conscious jobs available in Central Texas. The panelists included Ehren Foss of Prelude Interactive, Nathan Green of Campus2careers, David J. Neff of Lights. Camera. Help. and Sarah Vela of HelpAttack!. The panelists introduced themselves briefly beforeRead More

Texas State Alumnus Jake Frick informed students of the communication methods within advertising

By Anne Marie Herring Frick began his first internship at Lopez Negrete Communications, which now is his current employer. Lopez Negrete Communications, a hispanic advertising company, works for businesses ranging from Verizon and Bank of America, to their largest client, Walmart. Frick stressed the importance of the growing hispanic population and the desire for companiesRead More