Lyndon B. Johnson High School Laredo students attend Mass Communication Week at Texas State University

About 40 Students from Lyndon B. Johnson High school arrived this morning from Laredo, to participate in events at this year’s Mass Communication Week. They all wore beautiful smiles as they got  ready to take a tour of the campus and get that feel of being a student at Texas State University.
L.B.J. High School students participate in the Mass Comm. Week every year. The tours and sessions are important to these students because the events help in preparing  their smooth transition to colleges. Join us on this tour!

It wasn’t a surprise for these students and their counselors to bump into Freshmen that are alumni of their school, an example of  how important the Mass Communication Week is, to these students.
Meet Rene Lara (in cap)-Bio Chem Major, and Marco Melecio (in Black T.Shirt) Electronic Engineering Major


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