Alyssa Nodorft

About Alyssa

Hey, I’m Alyssa (and it’s pronounced no-dorf, just for reference). Creativity has been my passion ever since I installed Photofiltre when I was twelve to make myself the coolest MySpace avatar in the sixth grade class. Twelve years later and MySpace is far gone, but my eye for good design remains (and has improved significantly from 2009). Now, I combine striking visual aesthetics with intriguing concepts for brands I love working with.

After spending four years at Texas State University, I graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Advertising. In my last semester, I was the Creative Director of the National Student Advertising Competition team, spearheading an all-integrated campaign about the classic hot dog for Wienerschnitzel (to this day, my friends send me hot dog memes). At the same time, I was commuting to Austin to intern for GSD&M, where I got the chance to work on Southwest Airlines, US Air Force, Hilton, and Popeye’s (specifically their chicken sandwich packaging).

Though my dream has always been to work in Manhattan as a Creative Director, I knew Austin was the perfect place to kickstart my creative career. I landed a Jr. Designer position at digital ad agency Mighty & True, where I worked with clients like NTT, AppGate, Unisys and Blue Yonder. After two great years and one great promotion, I began my current endeavor at Timelapse.