Thanks for a great week

Mass Comm Week 2008 was wildly successful. I would like to thank all the wonderful speakers that took time to share their experiences with our students. We had a great committee that organized the event, led by Dara Quackenbush. And our students did a fantastic job covering the event on this blog. We have had visitors from all over the […]

Multimedia Elements in Feature Writing

Old Main, the oldest building on Texas State University campus in San Marcos, was filled with students and faculty eager to attend seminars for Mass Comm week. Texas State University hosted its annual Mass Comm week October 20 – 23, which included professionals discussing issues, trends, and career insight for those interested in mass media. Helen Anders, Terry Bertling, and […]

McClellan Tells "What Happened"

As the LBJ teaching theater filled with anxious students, Tom Grimes prepared his questions for the keynote speaker, Scott McClellan. McClellan is the former White House press secretary who recently published What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. The presentation started by making it very clear that McClellan was not here to kiss and tell, […]

Guest speakers discuss working in energy industry public relations

The speakers at Wednesday’s Energy PR session offered attendees advice, anecdotes and information about they’re work. Ed Clark, communications director for Austin Energy, said students should intern because of the experience it offers and they connections they can make. “Intern somewhere — a newspaper or an advertising or public relations firm — and just work for nothing, because it will […]

Alicia Wagner Calzada – Photography Ethics and Law

I was lucky enough to see Alicia Wagner Calzada for her lecture on ethics and photojournalism.  Being the President  Emeritus of the NPPA, National Press Photographers Association, Alicia is the go-to person when it comes to questions of what is right or wrong in the media.   I realize it’s naive, but I’ve always had this  notion that the media are […]

PR/Ad Alumni speak at Mass Comm Week

On Thursday Oct. 23, four former Texas State students came together to speak at Mass Communication Week.  The alumni formed a panel to discuss the topic, “What I didn’t learn in school.”  The panel included, Mike Vela- The Children’s Shelter, Emily Shaw- I&O Communication, Patrick Quinn- Reagan National Advertising and Qmunications Management and Katie Mullins Cook- Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau.  The […]

Social Media Success & Why You Should Be Doing it Too!

Kerri Qunell, Non-Profit PR: Using Social Media to Spread the Message Video by Lindsey Schroeder Kerri Qunell, Vice President of Communications at Capital Area Food Bank, was skeptical about social media in the workplace. That is until she activated a Facebook account to support a local event. More than 80 people immediately befriended her, something that without the networking site […]

Social Media: A New Way to Campaign

Politics are heading into a new direction. A direction in which politicians and constituents can interact with each other directly. No more mailing in letters to your representative, hoping that one of their subordinates will read it and relay the information. We are leaving the era of old media, where communication is a one-way street. Where a politician, or anyone […]

Things to know about public relations

A public relations practitioner executes more tasks than just pitching stories. Anne Lasseigne Tiedt, APR, shared key factors to know about working in public relations. “PR is more than calling the media, but clients and companies always want the article,” Tiedt said. Public Relations needs to work on how to get the ink. “Who holds the power? The reporters, the […]