KLRU CEO Bill Stotesbery speaks about the Future of Television

Bill Stotesbery, CEO of KLRU, speaks with Tim England, associate professor and sequence head of electronic media, before his presentation entitled, “The Future of Television” during Mass Comm Week at Texas State University. Bill Stotesbery exchanges contact information with a Texas State student after his Mass Comm Week presentation entitled, “The Future of Television”. By: Daniel Palomo Bill Stotesbery, CEO […]

Going Digital: Changes in the Advertising and PR industry

Brad Mays, Mike Cearley, Miker Stovall and Sarah Fulton are PR and advertising professionals working for Fleishman-Hillard Digital in Dallas, TX. Three of the four are Texas State graduates who now enjoy a successful career in the PR and advertising industry. Sarah Fulton, only a year after graduating in 2009, is the newest addition to the ad/PR team.

In Times of Crisis, Get Creative

Bob Rivard discussed the changes in the journalism industry. In his discussion, he talked about how the current industry has been effected by economic crisis and has mobilized. Emily Morris, a student in attendance at the lecture, said that learning about social media tools was something she found interesting. By: Alysia Roach

Eli Martinez chased adventure and found a career

by Michael Miles The idea seems insane to most, but to Eli Martinez and his Shark Diver Magazine staff swimming with sharks is a chosen career path, and one they love deeply. Martinez, the magazine‚Äôs founder and driving force, has been an adrenaline junkie for as long as he can remember. Long before he found his passion for sharks, extreme […]