Tomas Hernandez The New York Times, if anything, is a figurehead of journalism. If the Times is still printing papers then there still might be a chance for the newspaper industry. The film, Page One, was a portrayal of this. I found the film to be very refreshing. One cannot help but be intimidated by the field of journalism. In […]

Search Engine Optimization

Paul Robinson, president and chief operating officer for Apogee Results spoke to a class of Mass Comm students in Hine 204. Thursday afternoon. It was the last speaking event of Mass Comm Week. The agenda included approaching online marketing , what is SEO, why does it matter, SEO myths and local search results, but the thing stressed most by Robinson […]

It's Still News

By Tracie Walker San Antonio Express-News writer Roy Bragg spoke about technology and the changing world of journalism on Thursday, Oct. 20. Bragg emphasized that even with the abundance of social media to keep the public informed, journalists are still needed because they’re trained to find the information that people want to know and to write about it with integrity. […]

Sonic branding helps further brand image

By: Melanie Yoes Stephen Arnold, CEO of Stephen Arnold Music, the company responsible for much of the background music heard on TV today, spoke to Texas State students Thursday about the important role sonic branding plays in helping the listener identify a product or TV show.

Freelancing – Not for the faint of heart

By: Thanya Gonzalez It was a message of hope, persistence and discipline for those wanting to learn the skills necessary to becoming their own boss. Lance Lawhon, Leslie Hancock and Susan Lahey, experienced freelance writers, spoke to Texas State students at Mass Comm Week on Thursday. “You are your own product,” said Hancock, a freelance communications professional. “You have to […]

Video: Telling Stories with Data

Telling Stories with Data Matt Waite (professor at University of Nebraska, formerly of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Politifact); Matt Stiles (data journalist, NPR, formerly of Texas Tribune); Denise Malan (investigative/data editor, Corpus Christi Caller-Times); Ryan Murphy (data reporter, Texas Tribune)