Covering a Crisis: Memorial Day Weekend

Local representatives from the City of San Marcos, KTSW radio, the University Star, Texas State Social Media and  Hays Free Press shared their media crisis stories from the Memorial Day flood during Mass Comm week. The panel was hosted by Mass Comm professor, Kym Fox, and was created in order to discuss what San Marcos can potentially do differently in […]

Jennifer Hogan Story Two

Anne Boyson is a futurist with after the Millennials, who lectured for students at Texas State University as a guest speaker during mass communication week. Both students and faculty attended the lecture to learn about the different generational patterns and trends that have changed over the years. Austin Clark, advertising major at Texas State, said his teacher recommended the guest […]

Encouraging Words From The Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith

Evan Smith, CEO and editor-in-chief of the nonprofit news organization The Texas Tribune, held a compelling talk with the students of Texas State during Mass Communication Week. Among the many things that Smith touched on during his panel, he talked about how, despite what many people say, now is the best time to become a part of the industry. “Chaos […]

Careers in Web Developing, Something to Consider

Mass Communication Week is already halfway over with the end of tonight’s last event: A panel discussion of Texas State grads about careers in Web Development. The panel consisted of Ashley Hebler, Josue Plaza, and Glynn Jordan, all alumni of Texas State. They talked about everything of their journeys to careers in web development including what they did before and […]

Adventures in Editing with National Geographic’s David Brindley

Even the editors at National Geographic magazine make copy-editing mistakes. David Brindley, managing editor for National Geographic, spoke with students and faculty Wednesday evening about the importance of thinking critically when it comes to copy editing. “It’s just thinking through things,” Brindley said. “Just thinking and being critical and having that critical eye of what you’re reading.” Brindley talked about […]

Texas Parks and Wildlife: Using Technology to Connect to the Outdoors

When you think of government agencies you don’t generally think of a hip, cutting-edge social media presence, but Texas Parks and Wildlife has become just that. Whitney Bishop, social media manager for Texas Parks and Wildlife, and Earl Nottingham, chief photographer, stopped by Mass Communication Week at Texas State on Wednesday to talk about how they use cutting-edge techniques to […]

A Demographer’s Relationship with Mass Communication

This week, SJMC students attended seminars designed to inform and inspire future mass communication professionals. In today’s event, Trending in Texas…, Texas State Demographer Dr. Lloyd Potter discussed population trends. Some students went to the presentations for class projects like junior Rachel Hudson, an advertising major, who attended for a live tweeting assignment. “I’m excited to hear what he has to […]