Advertising and public speaker inspires for Mass Comm Week

Advertising and public speaker inspires for Mass Comm Week

By Danielle Wright

San Marcos – Texas State alumna Norma Lujan was the keynote speaker for advertising and public relation majors Thursday for Mass Comm Week.

Lujan gave a motivating presentation to a full house of students about what it takes to become successful in the advertising industry and how that propelled her to the world of social economy and fair trade.

“I’ve had a 23-year long career,” Lujan said. “Never think you have your life all planned out. Life changes.”

Lujan has worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Mary Kay, Avon and L’Oréal.  Lujan has also worked with two companies developed in Mexico. One of them being Xapontic, a brand full of women who empower each other through the creation and sale of handmade soaps. The other is Capeltic, one of the top five coffee brands in Mexico.

The person responsible for bringing Lujan for Mass Comm Week is advertising professor Clayton Craig.

“I chose Norma not only because she is Texas State alumna, but she is able to bring in a multicultural perspective to students,” Craig said.

Throughout the presentation, Lujan made sure to emphasize the components of what she calls her “Secret Sauce.” One of the major components being engagement.

“Pick up the phone,” Lujan said. “Engage with people. Talk to every worker, member, client, staff you can. The more engaging you are the better you can move up in your job.”

Texas State senior Heaven Williams was one of the attendees who said that the presentation gave her more inspiration for her brand Tier & Co.

“I have a hair and makeup company, and I’m always ready to learn ways to improve,” Williams said. “I learned so much from Norma today, especially when she touched on not taking no for an answer and truly going for what you want.”

Lujan has now started her own company called Libellue x Lavande which is a lifestyle brand that aids an individual’s personal image through refinement, beauty and fashion.

“I wanted to create a brand that will help anyone be the best they can be.” Lujan said. “When you go into a job, appearance is important.”

Lujan ended her presentation with many students forming a line to speak with her.

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