Bobcats with Great Internships

Bobcats with Great Internships

Above: (left to right) Anisia Morales, Leigh Morgan, Jessie Spielvogel,

Aimee Villalobos, and Lisa Carter

Students who might have been required to attend and those who came by their own free will were faced with the truth today. Five Texas State students all came together to speak at Bobcats with Great Internships to relay one message: internships are the way go.

Students heard from seniors Lisa Carter, Anisia Morales, Leigh Morgan, Jessie Spielvogel, and Aimee Villalobos. Each one had something to share about their experiences with one or more internships.

Morales did an internship with Comcast Entertainment Group in Los Angeles over the summer. She got to work with E! News and get a firsthand look at what it’s like to work with producers.

“It’s every girl’s dream,” Morales said of her opportunity to work with E! News.

Her main focus was the Daily 10 Show. Among many different tasks, some of her main work included helping producers come up with questions for interviews and editing segments that would be used on the show.

Morgan interned with Texas Monthly and worked in the Custom Publishing Department. Her position gave her the ability to work more closely with what was actually published as well as dealing with the covers of the publication. She is currently interning with Clear Channel Radio doing marketing.

“The first internship is kind of hard,” Morgan said. “Once you get your first internship on your resume, it opens a lot of doors.”

Spielvogel’s internship took her to Washington D.C. where she interned with Discovery Communications and got to work on Shark Week. Her work with Shark Diver Magazine helped her earn her internship. Spielvogel shared about the many different things she did during her time as an intern in D.C. including being the Shark Week mascot and having to deal with a mix up of some important tapes.

“Learn from your mistakes and fix them,” Spielvogel said.

Villalobos and Carter both had their first internship experience over the summer with the San Antonio Express-News. Villalobos reported on community news while Carter wrote for the City Desk. Different stations set aside, each one learned a lot from their time at the Express-News.

“It was really great because they needed interns this summer,” said Carter. This element was especially exciting for Carter in that it contributed to a large majority of her work being published.

“My favorite part about the internship was, not only do you get to learn a lot, I was kind of star struck getting to work with writers that I’d been reading since middle school,” Carter said. “I learned so much more than I ever could in a classroom.”

Chuck Kaufman, Mass Communication internship coordinator, had a lot to contribute to the discussion of internships.

“Put into practice the things that you gain in the classroom,” Kaufman told students as the session started.

Kaufman took part in helping some of the panelists find the internships that they spoke about.

very situation for acquiring an internship was a little different among the five speakers. Some contacted Kaufman, while others talked to Mass Communication professor Kym Fox. Some found their internships as a product of networking or knowing someone that could put them in contact with the right people.

The internships webpage on Texas State’s site is another great way for students to go about finding internships. Everyone is welcome to go see Kaufman or email him at ck17@txstate.edu.

All across the board, each speaker was very thankful for the experience they gained through their internships.

“When you’re an intern, this is your opportunity to not only gain experience, but to build your network and do what your passion takes you to,” Kaufman said.

Even though the hours and workload might be tough, the chance at an internship is ultimately worth it.

“There was a cohesive effort to get me work all the time, which was nice,” Villalobos said of her position at the Express-News.

For all those who know nothing about internships and really want to know, go visit Kaufman. Mass Communication is a field that offers a wide range of positions.

“It’s a career area that knows no limits and knows no bounds,” Kaufman said.

If you know you want to do Mass Communication, but are unsure of what your focus will be, go visit with Kaufmann or Fox. Consider internships and job shadowing. Taking action early on in your college career will only better your situation when it comes time to graduate.

Whether it’s through experience or new contacts, an internship can benefit a student in many ways.

“It’s important to have diversity in internships,” Morgan said. “The more diverse your internships are, the more possibilities you have.”

If you feel that you’re not ready for an internship, you might try seeking opportunities with campus mediums. The campus newspaper and radio station are two great ways for students to get their foot in the door. No matter what you choose to do, do something.

Before the session was over, many students brought up questions about the right timing for an internship. Take it from Kaufman, he knows.

“Internships matter all the time,” Kaufman said. “There’s always something that you can do.”

Above: (left to right) Chuck Kaufman and panelists

By Kristy Hilbig

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