Careers in online media: Newspapers in the virtual world

By Aleyda Londono

Recent Texas State graduates Maira Garcia and Tina Phan spoke about their unconventional jobs at the Austin American-Statesman.

Garcia is the paper’s social media editor and Phan is the multimedia producer. Their session covered the emerging importance of social media and multimedia in covering breaking news.
The first major event they covered was the recent Central Texas fires. Garcia was busy constantly updated the paper’s Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr profiles, while Phan shot video and took photos of the fire as well as the people affected by the disaster.
Both were responsible for producing content to be published the same day. They described how reporters and photographers took on various roles during especially hectic days. In addition to their normal roles, reporters had to take pictures and photographers shot video.
Garcia also talked about how the public contributed the conversation by posting to Facebook and Twitter, adding to the amount of information available to the public. She also cautioned about the need to responsibly verify the information before publishing.
Garcia and Phan were very involved in campus media as students, and both credit that experience to their current success. They highlighted the coming changes in online media and advised students to learn as many different platforms as possible to make themselves more desirable to prospective employers.
In the video below Phan discussed what students should do to prepare for the recurring changes in online media.

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      We cannot deny the importance of Social Media and Print Media in today’s world. After reading their stories and considering on them i can only say that, there are enough opportunities in field of Social Media. This depends on us that how we use the power of Social Media, we have already seen the power of social media in Egypt’s revolution and many more.

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