War Correspondents Share Their Advice for Young Journalists

By Nathalie Cohetero nac75@txstate.edu During Texas State University’s annual Mass Comm Week, an award-winning panel of photojournalists offered insight Monday into the world of combat reporting. Among the experienced combat photojournalists were Brien Aho, Sig Christenson and William Nichols. Nichols, a military photojournalist and retired Air Force colonel, said he believes the photographs a reporterRead More

Alicia Wagner Calzada describes the tricky world of photojournalism ethics and law

According to Alicia Wagner Calzada, President Emeritus of the National Press Photographers Association, the way journalists and news outlets conduct their business is the basis of the public’s trust in them. “Ethics is the single most important thing that news organizations have,” Calzada said in her Thursday morning Mass Communication Week presentation. The talk gaveRead More