Diversity, Experience and Skills-Obtaining a Job in the Media

By Jeana’ Jacobsen

When you look up Texas mass communication colleges on Google, Texas State University is listed in the top five. With an award-winning campus based radio station and collegiate newspaper, this should come as no surprise.
Texas State alumni participated in a panel during Mass Comm week Wednesday, October 19, discussing how the knowledge and experience gained at Texas State has helped them get to where they are today.
The panel of four consisted of San Antonio-Express food and wine writer, Jennifer McInnis; assistant editor for the Texas Association of Realtors, Jaime Kilpatrick; The CW Austin Star, Mandy Dugan; and vice president of Business Development with Texas Sports Radio Network, Will McGinnis.
A common message that all four panel members stressed upon the student audience was the importance of getting involved at Texas State, taking internships, networking and learning as many skills as possible.
The panel suggested that students need to shake as many hands as possible during mass comm week because its a great opportunity to meet dozens of media professionals in one place at one time.
“You really have to put yourself out there,” McInnis said. “You have to sell yourself. I wouldn’t take no for an answer.”
Panelists all expressed how much they took away from Texas State and applied it into their career. Joining mass communication organizations, getting involved with KTSU or the University Star or experiencing multiple internships are what lay down the bricks of the road to success.
Dugan and McGinnis both were involved at KTSW during their time at Texas State and said how much fun it was and how much they learned through the experience.
“That’s what helped me seal this job,” Dugan said. “…from everything I learned here.”
Although its highly recommended to gain a variety of skills and internships, McGinnis emphasized that graduates need to still have a focus for what they want to do for a career.
“You want to find a job doing something you like,” McGinnis said. “Or else you’re not going to be good at it.”
Mass Comm week is such a great opportunity for students and graduates to learn about opportunities that are out there and how the world of mass communications is constantly expanding and becoming more diverse, therefor demanding more from those hoping to work in the industry.

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