Ehren Foss, Nathan Green, David J. Neff and Sarah Vela discuss finding socially conscious jobs in Central Texas

By Michael Torres

Texas State students who chose to attend Thursday’s panel were treated to an insight on socially conscious jobs available in Central Texas.

The panelists included Ehren Foss of Prelude Interactive, Nathan Green of Campus2careers, David J. Neff of Lights. Camera. Help. and Sarah Vela of HelpAttack!.

The panelists introduced themselves briefly before taking questions from curious students who wanted to hear about different topics. One of the first questions asked was from a student who wanted to know how to go about starting up their own business since the panelists had experience.

The panelists agreed that costs need to be kept low people and people need to find the right investors. They also agreed that it is necessary to touch base with acquaintances from past and present.

Foss summarized the long answer into two key points.

“Keep it cheap and network like crazy,” Foss said. “You’ll have success that way.”

Another topic was finding internships that could help a student find a job. The panelists revealed that even they did not get things right at first; as Green said he changed his major each time after three different internships.

Neff spoke of trying new things when locating the right internship for students.

“Get out of your comfort zone for internships,” Neff said. “Don’t just be a sports reporter for example. Try something new with that too.”

Another question that was asked was regarding graduate school. Students wanted the panelists’ advice on whether or not to attend graduate school and all four did not disappoint.

“I would encourage you to take some time between college and graduate school.” said Vela, who dropped out of graduate school twice. “Don’t go to graduate school just because the job market sucks right now.”

Neff stated that he does not agree with students going to graduate school because they are young and don’t know their options.

“I think a lot of people fall into graduate school,” Neff said. “It’s a tough job market and that masters degree is not necessarily going to help you get a job, but work experience will help you get a job.”

Green went on to say that the Internet is the best tool for students looking for jobs instead of going to graduate school. Green stated that contacts on the Internet are critical when trying to set up informational interviews.

“The best way to get a job is through your network,” Green said.

The panelists offered their time after the session to elaborate on some of the topics discussed earlier today.

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