Evolution of Advertising: Do You Fit In?

Vera Fischer speaks with MC student after the discussion.  Photo by: Morgan Fangman
Vera Fischer speaks with MC student after the discussion.
Photo by: Morgan Fangman

Texas State Alumna Vera Fischer discusses the evolving complexities of advertising and how you can get a job in the next-generation ad agency.

Fischer discusses her first-hand experience with her career in advertising as well as her journey in becoming founder of 97Degrees West agency and GSD&M.

“You’re in control of your destiny” says Fischer. “I chose the smaller agency thing because I like to wear a lot of different hats. The bigger the agency, the smaller the box.”

In addition to 97Degrees West, Fischer has worked with other agencies such as GSD&M, also a full-service ad agency outside of Austin.

While Fischer did not always know which aspect of advertising she wanted to go into, she knew she enjoyed taking on various tasks that showcased her diverse skill set.

“Getting a good job no longer requires the build-the-ladder cliche,” she said. “It’s all about getting as much experience as you can, no matter what field you’re considering. “Employers don’t care what you you’ve learned, they care about how you can add value.

A lot of students who feel lost in the mass communication world can really appreciate this small piece of advice, such as Leslie Alonzo, a senior in the SJMC.

“Even though I don’t plan on going into advertising, Vera was really awesome,” Alonzo¬†said. “I really enjoyed what she had to say.”

As a generation y-er, Fischer has seen the impact digital technology has made throughout the advertising industry. She elaborated by comparing campaign strategies in the 90’s when the normal thing to use were type-writers, compared to tactics professionals use today.

“While social media has helped expand and make my agencies more proactive, it is not a proven business model,” said Fischer.

Fischer used the knowledge she learned through past experience and applied it to her advertising career today. She gave first-hand advice that really allowed students to feel connected throughout her presentation.

“I really enjoyed the fact that she told us what employers such as herself like and don’t like during interviews,” said Imira Islam, a student in the SJMC. ”

Vera Fischer plans to continue building on GSD&M and 97Degrees West Agency, and hopes to stay one step ahead of the future ad agencies.

To learn more about Vera Fischers ad agencies visit:
97Degrees West Agency

GSD&M Advertising

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