Fashionistas strut stuff at 2nd Annual PRSSA 'Dress for Success' fashion show

Fashionistas strut stuff at 2nd Annual PRSSA 'Dress for Success' fashion show

By: Amanda Givens

Students searching for an answer for how to dress in a job interview for the professional world found several ideas at the PRSSA ‘Dress for Success’ fashion show tonight in the LBJ Student Center.

The second annual ‘Dress for Success’ fashion show was organized by Kendall Schmidt, emcee for the evening as well as event planner for PRSSA, and her committee of volunteers.

The fashion show featured clothing from vendors such as Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Cole, JCPenney, Strut and The Hot Spot Salon and Spa.

‘Dress for Success’ featured many fashion choices for men and women and proved that personality does not have to be left at home.

The guest speaker for the event was Jean LeFebvre with Panache Image Consulting based in Austin. LeFebvre works as an image and wardrobe consultant for professional clients all the way to performing closet interventions.

“Research has proven that in less than two minutes, we have formed an impression,” said LeFebvre. “And, 93 percent of our first impressions are visual.”

LeFebvre said one way to know how to dress for an interview is to know your market by researching the culture of that business. She said to not be afraid to call the company’s HR department and ask for tips on how to dress.

Frank Walsh, co-adviser of PRSSA, said the fashion show is part of getting ready for the professional world, and it does not hurt that many of the students enjoy fashion.

“The fashion show is probably the students’ favorite event to put on every year,” said Walsh. “I think the students did a great job tonight.”

Karen Julian, the assistant director of Career Services and liaison to the College of Liberal Arts, said the reason it is so important that students dress well for an interview is because you have once chance to make a first impression.

“It is always best to air on the conservative side in the interview,” Julian said. “However, once you get the job, then you can begin to let your personality show, in accordance with the dress requirements.”

Julian said one issue pertaining to students deals with piercings and tattoos. She said it is best to cover them up or take them out until you know what the job environment allows.

Dara Quackenbush, co-adviser for PRSSA and coordinator for Mass Communication Week, said the reason PRSSA does the show is because there are so many questions that students have about how to wow the interviewer and dress the part.

“I think Jean did a wonderful job of explaining why it’s important to make that great first impression,” said Quackenbush. “The show went so well, and this has all been in response to students wanting to dress more professionally.”

Schmidt said one feature of the evening was the models were from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, rather than strictly being only PRSSA members.

“I feel it’s a good way for everyone to pull together and show their support, rather than making it an exclusive ‘PRSSA members-only’ thing,” said Schmidt.

LeFebvre offered commentary during the fashion show pertaining to which job environments the clothes would be appropriate for.

“If you can take care of the dress part of the interview, you will be more relaxed and able to focus on everything else about the interview,” said LeFebvre.

The ‘Dress for Success’ fashion show concluded the 2009 Mass Communication Week at Texas State University.
Photos by Amanda Givens, featuring models in fashion show. Models included Shannon Topper, Tisha Trevino, Bee Barnett, Taylor Francis, Amy Osburn, Caitlyn Denham, David Hernandez, Wes Worthington, Austin Hall, Robby Martin and Jon O’Conner

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