Google Content Manager speaks to students

The Content Manager for Google attended Mass Communications Week at Texas State University Wednesday and spoke to students about going into journalism and other Mass Communications fields.

Ana Cantu gave students tips and advice on being successful and staying employed in the field of journalism. Cantu attributed much of her success in journalism to being able to and knowing when to adapt and take on a new challenge or job.

“If you don’t stay adaptable and learn how you learn, you will not stay employed,” Cantu said.

Staying employed has never been a problem for Cantu. She has been worked at many large newspapers, including the Austin-American Statesman where she was an Opinions Editor, before switching to the digital side of journalism.

“The mistake I made at the Statesman was staying too long,” Cantu said. “I stopped learning and growing and got too comfortable.”

After realizing her position at the Statesman was not only harming her intellectually, but that it would soon be terminated, Cantu decided to take on the digital world, taking job offers from Dell, eBay and later Google.

Cantu, who grew up in the border town of McAllen, Texas, also gave Mexican-American students advice on getting out of their home towns and pursuing the career they want.

“It honestly inspired me,” Victoria Lopez, a Public Relations Junior said. “We came from a similar background so I feel like if she can make it to New York, then I can too.”

Lopez also expressed relief in knowing that she is able to move around in the communications field.

“I learned that it’s okay to take a risk and switch jobs every few years if I want to,” Lopez said.

Cantu currently works on social media, helping Google recruit employees. She says Google works hard to keep employees, including herself, happy and is very successful at it.

Jenna Coleman is an aspiring writer, an Opinions Columnist for the University Star, and a senior at Texas State University.

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