"In Time of Crisis, Get Creative"

Bob Rivard, editor and executive vice president of the San Antonio Express-News, will talk about the effect of economic crisis on the journalism industry during Mass Communication Week.

His lecture, “In Times of Crisis, Get Creative”, will discuss the challenges and opportunities that journalism students face when trying to find a job during economic crisis.

“I will be talking about where I see the world of journalism and mass communication going and what it looked like at a previous time of economic crisis,” said Rivard. “Crisis in no way, shape or form prevented me from going after my dreams and goals. Keep hope alive. There are jobs; there is a future.”

Susan Weill, a professor at Texas State University, said that she asked Rivard to speak at Mass Communication Week because he has a dynamic perception on the news industry.

“He has a depth of knowledge about the world of journalism,” said Weill. “He knows news, he knows the industry and this is a great opportunity for students.”

According to his biography, Rivard worked as a foreign correspondent in Central America and as a war correspondent. The Society of Professional Journalists awarded him the Distinguished Service Award for Foreign Correspondents in 1982.

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By: Alysia Roach

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