New technology allows for personal brand development

By Amy Glass

SAN MARCOS-Author and publisher Bruce Bendinger said that students can manage their personal brand in order to network and further their career in his presentation, “Brand You! Getting Ready to Get a Job in the 21st Century” Tuesday.

Bendinger’s presentation focused around the fact that the media allows students and professionals endless opportunities to brand themselves as well as to create content. Bendinger called the rapid evolution of media a “revolution.”

“It’s not just that the economy is changing,” Bendinger said. “It’s a real change in the way we are as a society.”

Bendinger said new media allows for any individual to become a broadcaster and control their personal branding, which includes networking opportunities as well as creative output.

“My favorite piece of advice was to build a database and be mindful of how you’re putting yourself out there,” said junior Paige Mathews who attended Bendinger’s presentation.

Bendinger’s approach to building a career was a modern one, and he didn’t hesitate to get rid of out-dated techniques, Mathews said. He recommended created a personal logo, stationary, and a website, and he even emphasized dressing and practicing handwriting that will best convey a personal, unique brand. Bendinger has created logos for his own name, his wife, and his books, among many other things.

Bendinger is the author of a number of works involving branding, advertising, and mass communications, including, “Brand You! Getting Ready to Get a Job in the 21st Century,” “The Copy Workshop Workbook,” “Advertising and the Business of Brands,” and “Hitting the Sweet Spot.”


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