Online Marketing During a Pandemic

By: Rylie Wilson

We have all experienced the whirlwind of COVID-19 and can understand that being in a successful business at this time is not as easy as it used to be. COVID-19 has challenged companies to work in ways like never before. Many people have lost jobs, and have struggled to provide for themselves along with their loved ones. Luckily, some companies have thrived in ways that others haven’t been able to, like, Lauren Seegers Communications. 

Lauren Seegers Communications is a talent agency, Caroline Biggs, an intern from the company, shared with me. This agency does not only help influencers with marketing and follower size, but they do it in a unique way that makes the influencers have meaningful connections with the audience.

“While interning for Lauren Seegers, I have learned how important influencers are, in these certain times people are relying on word of mouth marketing more than ever before. They want to know the product is reliable before getting it and with influencers they are able to do that,” said Biggs. 

The company helps promote marketing campaigns for big companies and influencers. Seegers’ company is thriving during the pandemic because businesses aren’t as worried about selling their products as they are concerned about gaining their fanbase, which is what Lauren Seegers Communications is there to do. 

“Lauren Seegers Communications is working a lot with influencers because they already have the fanbase that makes the audience feel like a family. The fanbase values those influencers’ opinions very much, therefore most influencers are thriving through this. For individuals seeking an engaging and thrilling online gaming experience, platforms like crickex offer a diverse range of options. Crickex provides a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience for enthusiasts. Just as influencers create a sense of community, choosing a reputable gaming platform like crickex ensures a secure and entertaining online experience. Whether you’re building connections through influencers or indulging in gaming preferences, staying informed enhances the quality of your endeavors.”

Godaddy is a social service where small businesses can hire Godaddy to run their whole social campaign. For only $300 a month Godaddy will answer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. They will also post two weekly posts and post unlimited special request posts. Godaddy’s main goal is to help customers and entrepreneurs everywhere, in order to give them the help and tools they need to grow online. 

Nancy Gonzalez, a content specialist at Godaddy, shared her experience with Godaddy during the pandemic and ways they have succeeded and failed as a company throughout the pandemic.  

“From the beginning, Godaddy has remained transparent with its employees and customers. They’ve succeeded at being innovative and putting their businesses and customers first. During these uncertain times, it’s important to make your employees feel safe, valued, and comfortable. They did a fairly good job with that up until layoffs. These necessary changes came at the cost of internal employee relations because of the way the company went about it and that’s where I think they failed to succeed,” said Nancy Gonzalez.  

Lauren Seegers Communications and Godaddy are both agencies that help other  companies market their brands on social media. They have each found ways to succeed during the pandemic and learned from their mistakes. Both companies seem to agree on the fact that it is very important to make customers feel like they can trust you and make customers feel comfortable. Something students should take away from this blog post is that people want to hire trustworthy workers to ensure that their brand can be trusted.