Oswalt Shows Innovation, Networking to Students

by Ethan Grant

Ron Oswalt and Richard Lopez have one important message for students at Texas State.

“You’ve got to have the drive to work in sports,” said Oswalt.
You can see that drive in his face as the excitement of his job spills over into explaining what his company is doing locally, regionally, and even nationally.
Oswalt, the CEO and founder of Sports Marketing Experts, and Lopez, the Media Relations Director for Sports Marketing and San Marcos Baptist Academy, have had a hand in making SMA the first private high school in the U.S. to gain corporate sponsorship. The SportsMarketingExperts.com Bowl, scheduled for December 10th of this year, is set to host over 100 high school seniors in what is sure to be an all-star game extravaganza.
A graduate of Southern Mississippi, Oswalt has a diverse background that includes work in both the Arena Football League and the United Indoor Football League, as well reporter and sports editor for a newspaper.
Oswalt, who has 81 schools now vying for his marketing eye after his work at San Marcos Baptist, told students to focus on the basics, and network as much as possible to gain credibility and continue expansion.
“I’d much rather tell my message once, to 80 people than travel around and do the same thing over and over,” said Oswalt. “You lose a lot of money by individually marketing.”
With many of his programs garnering success at the local level, many Texas State students are wondering why he isn’t be used as a resource, especially in a period where joining the WAC has been the hot topic in San Marcos for the past year.
“I’ve sent emails and reached out to Texas State, but they never got back to me,” said Oswalt. “I’m an Eagle at heart, but I’m beginning to be a Bobcat.”
With that kind of enthusiasm, Bobcats can only hope that he joins the marketing and advertising department sooner than later.
“When they reach out to me, I’ll be ready,” said Oswalt.
Here’s hoping it’s sooner.
Texas State University Mass Comm Week: Video – Sports Marketing Experts: Ron Oswalt and Richard Lopez of Sports Marketing Experts

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