Planning Mass Comm Week During a Pandemic

We knew as a team there would be challenges, but overall we’re so happy with the outcome of this year’s Mass Comm Week. Every event happening this year would have to be redesigned from the normal way of doing things due to COVID-19, and that’s exactly what we did. 

This was a great way to learn the ins and outs of a fully virtual event as well as planning and preparing an event completely virtual. From creating content for social media to get getting sponsors and speakers, we had to get creative. After seeing so many businesses and events taking on a theme of “Staying safe” we wanted to do something different. We wanted to take a more positive look on things by focusing on how you’re now able to attend Mass Comm Week from anywhere. Everyone could use some positivity this year and we wanted to bring that everyone involved in Mass Comm Week. 

We found that we were able to reach an even greater audience. As well as have guest speakers from all over the country to talk to students about their expertise. This was one of the major benefits of a fully virtual event that hasn’t been used before. The use of Zoom of any other video calling platform before the pandemic wasn’t as widely used before. Now, we can use our skills in this technology to even better educate students about their future careers. 

We’ll be able to use the skills we’ve learned this year’s Mass Comm Week to be implemented in the future. We can now use our resources to include speakers and guests from everywhere giving students a wider variety of speakers and giving those that can’t attend a chance to.

Stay tuned for applications coming soon for 2021 Mass Comm Week team!