Social Media – Participate and Win!

We want you to get involved with Mass Comm Week by using social media. There are two ways to win.

Both promotions start on Monday, Oct. 29.

1. Social Media Scavenger Hunt
You will need to do each one of the activities in the list below, post each item via Twitter and then Storify all items. For photos, use Instagram, if you have a smartphone. When you tweet, make sure you include @txstatemcweek & #mcweek in the tweet. Your individual tweets make you eligible for a variety of prizes including gift certificates from our sponsors, books and t-shirts.

Storify all the items on this list by noon on Friday, Nov. 2, tweet the link to the Storify (with @txstatemcweek & #mcweek), and you’ll be eligible to win a new iPod Nano! You must do each of the items in the list, Storify it and provide a link to the Storify via Twitter to be eligible (Faculty and Mass Comm Week team members are not eligible to win the iPod Nano, but can win individual prizes).

  1. Old Main is the location of many Mass Comm Week sessions. Take a picture with a friend in front of Old Main, and use Instagram if you have a smartphone.
  2. Tweet about the session in which you are most excited and why?
  3. What was Ethan Zuckerman’s first job after college?
  4. Tweet a speaker with a question you would like answered during their session.
  5. Take a photo in front of one of our sponsor locations. Use Instagram if you have a smartphone (Gumby’s, Dos Gatos, Wake the Dead, H.E.B., St. Pita’s, Fuschak’s BBQ).
  6. Tweet a reminder to attend Mass Comm Week. Let your friends know why they should attend.
  7. Take a picture of at least THREE different presenters while they are speaking at Mass Comm Week. Use Instagram if you have a smartphone.
  8. Which company represented during Mass Comm Week would you most like to work for and why?
  9. Storify your scavenger hunt and good luck! Be sure to tweet the link to your Storify and include #mcweek and @txstatemcweek in all your tweets (have we said that enough?). Turn in your Storify by noon on Fri., Nov. 2.

Note: Your Twitter needs to be public in order to participate in this contest.

    How to use Storify
    Never used Storify? It’s a great platform for curating and using social media elements in stories. Go to Storify.com and set up an account. You can use Twitter or Facebook logins or create a Storify login. Choose the Create Story button on the top right. On the left is your story, on the right are the social media elements for which you can search. Choose the Twitter icon. You can search via the #mcweek hashtag or choose to search your own timeline for your tweets. Simply drag and drop the tweets from the right side to the left to enter them in your story. Give the story a title and description and publish it. Make sure you tweet the link to the Storify using #mcweek and @txstatemcweek in your tweet to be eligible for the iPod Nano.

    Don’t have a smartphone?
    You don’t need a smartphone to win. Use your phone or a camera to take photos, load them onto a computer (email to yourself or plug in your camera) and go to Twitter.com to post your tweets. Instagram requires a smartphone, but that’s not required for this promotion. Use Storify on your computer as describe above to compile your tweets.

    2. Visualize Mass Comm Week on our Facebook Page
    Use your visual creativity to shoot a video, create a meme, make an animated gif, create a Tumblr or any other online visual demonstration (there are websites that help you make memes and animated gifs) to express your interest in a specific career field or particular company. Upload videos to YouTube and make sure other visual items are available on the Web. Post your entry on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/txstatemcweek). Have your friends like and comment on the post. The post with the most likes and comments will win a new iPod Nano! We will tally the likes and comments at noon on Fri., Nov. 2. (Faculty and Mass Comm Week team members are not eligible to win the iPod Nano, but can win individual prizes).

    Note: Your Twitter needs to be public in order to participate in this contest. 

    Get started on your entries today! Both promotions start on Mon. Oct. 29 and end on Fri., Nov. 2. 

    Individual prizes will be awarded throughout the week. If you win one of the iPod grand prizes, we will tweet you to award you your prize!

    Questions. Comments. Tweet us @txstatemcweek.

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