Socially Conscious Jobs Preview

Texas State Mass Comm Week enthusiasts who once saw a panel titled “Social Media Marketing” for Thursday Oct. 28 2010 can look forward to to “Socially Conscious Jobs”.

The name of the session has changed but the panelists remain the same. Sarah Vela, content and new media strategist, will speak at Mass Comm Week to explain how students can avoid cubicle jobs for socially conscious employment after graduation.

“When we were invited to do the panel we came up with the social media marketing title off the top of our heads,” Vela said. “But as we were thinking about it we thought students might be more interested in what kind of jobs were available in socially conscious roles and non-profit companies around Central Texas.”

The focus of the panel will be to introduce students to employment opportunities in the area which are focused on social good.

“Our plan is to talk not so much about social media marketing but about the changing landscape of non-profits, socially conscious organizations and other opportunities in Central Texas,” Vela said.

Social media is no longer a part of the session title, but it will be mentioned because it is a factor in what the panelists are attempting to achieve.

“All of us are heavily involved in social media,” Vela said. “We want to talk about the role that social media plays in those organizations and how you can find work.”

This will be Vela’s first time speaking at Mass Comm Week and she looks forward to extending her message to all that attend.

“I’m really interested in reaching out to university-age students and people on campus in general because I think there is a great opportunity for organizations to connect with universities,” Vela said. “I’m interested in providing a well-rounded panel, and we definitely want to connect with younger users of social media and show them ways that they can have their social media be meaningful.”

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