Texas State Alumnus Jake Frick informed students of the communication methods within advertising

By Anne Marie Herring

Frick began his first internship at Lopez Negrete Communications, which now is his current employer. Lopez Negrete Communications, a hispanic advertising company, works for businesses ranging from Verizon and Bank of America, to their largest client, Walmart. Frick stressed the importance of the growing hispanic population and the desire for companies to reach them.

“From 1990-2000, the hispanic population soared 58%,” Frick said.
Because of the expanding population, many advertising agencies have switched to a multi-cultural approach. Half of the U.S. population will be hispanic by 2050, Frick added. The importance to understand and to communicate with this population is a necessity.
“I encourage you all, know a second language,” Frick said.
University clubs, social and business networks, and internships are ways for an undergrad to gain experience before entering the workforce. But Frick soon realized that with all of this, it is still not enough to maintain one’s marketability.
“I’m learning that a 4-year degree is not all you need,” Frick said.
Though Lopez Negrete Communications has many divisions, Frick works mainly as a middle man, pitching ideas from advertisers to the client, and then relaying any desired changes – which depends heavily on writing skills. You won’t get anywhere in the business if you cannot write well, Frick said.
“It is so crucial in order to get a job, you have to go that extra mile,” Frick said.
Companies have made the first step; online searches are tracked and social sites are monitored by advertising agencies. This gives agencies a direction for market populations and upcoming advertising campaigns.
Frick said the best piece of advice for students considering advertising, “Do everything you can to be more knowledgeable.”

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