Stay Calm, Cool and Connected… Virtual Mass Comm Week is for Everyone

Texas State’s Mass Comm Week. It’s for Mass Communication majors, just as the name would have you believe. It’s also for STEM majors. And for business majors, and for anyone and everyone, provided you want to learn something.

Starting Nov. 9, Mass Comm Week will be a series of virtual sessions led by various media professionals. These sessions are intended to teach students of all academic backgrounds and will offer students networking opportunities as well as career advice.

Conrad Jung, a junior biochemistry major, said he plans on attending Mass Comm Week for the second time in his collegiate career this year.

“I went [to Mass Comm Week] the first time because my good friend who’s a PR major wanted me to go with them, so I just went to a couple things I could find on the schedule that actually would help me,” Jung said. “I got help with my resume which I really needed, so that was cool.”

For the first time ever, Mass Comm Week will be conducted virtually rather than in-person. The week-long event will be hosted through Zoom, the video-conferencing app we’ve all come to know and love as much as it has come to know and love you.

For mass communication major Mazzen Awad, Mass Comm Week played a part in his decision to change majors last year.

“I was a photography major at Sam Houston,” Awad said. “When I came to Texas State, I just wasn’t about photography anymore, so I talked to a counselor and did stuff like Mass Comm Week and talk to teachers, and I changed my major.”

Mass Comm Week has proven to offer some pretty interesting sessions over the years, such as the Virtual Reality and Drones workshops hosted at last year’s event. Given that we’re in a global pandemic that has consumed our lives and the world, the sessions, some COVID-related, are sure to strike interest yet again.

Though the event sessions and schedule are yet to be released, Mass Comm Week is sure to offer at least a little something to everyone who attends. Be sure to tune in to the virtual sessions held from Nov. 9-13, and I’m sure you’ll learn something.

Whether you look at slides under microscopes or compose ballads all day, this is a cool event that your very own peers from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication puts on for not just those pursuing a career in media, but for everyone.