Student Media Orgs to get involved with as an SJMC student

By: Bianca Rodriguez

MC Week 2020 Intern

While all of us fall under the School of Journalism and Mass Communication not everyone knows about the different ways to get involved with the programs that are available for students. In today’s job market it is easy to see that employers want applicants to already have 2-3 years’ experience for entry-level jobs. Programs like KTSW 89.9 Radio, The University Star, Bobcat Promotions, and Bobcat Update are here for the students to gain that experience and put them ahead of other applicants.

KTSW 89.9 Radio: The Other Side of Radio, is a student-run radio station that circles the San Marcos radio waves. Although the radio is not as popular as it used to be, the station is still making a positive impact on the city and student’s lives. Students who see themselves in careers in the radio industry can make connections with others who have the same goals. KTSW 89.9 enables students to gain experience in things like hosting a radio station, covering sports events, interact with the community, and more!

The University Star was founded all the way back in 1911 and has been giving students local news ever since. Students do their part in writing, advertising, and distributing the newspapers for the San Marcos and Texas State community. The University Star is one of the organizations with the biggest Twitter following with 17.6k followers. Fun Fact: Former president Lyndon B. Johnson served as editor of the newspaper for a brief time in 1930.

Bobcat Promotions reaches out to local businesses and they organize campaigns to promote the company and their goods/services. These advertisements are really professional and can match the level of any agency’s work. These campaign videos can be hard to believe that only students put them together instead of experienced industry professionals. Some of the clients in the past have been Elan Westpointe, Lazy Texan Seasoning and Dips, and the American Chemical Society.

Bobcat Update is the online news station for aspiring news anchors and those who want to get into the live news industry. The students completely produce the visual, audio, and all content that is used in the near-daily news reports. They use their YouTube channel to let bobcats know what is going on around campus and what they need to be informed about.

Platforms like these are incredibly important for these students to take advantage of before they enter the job force in the real world. Programs give Bobcats the leg up in the job market and help carve the paths for others to follow in their footsteps.