5 Reasons to Attend Mass Comm Week

5 Reasons to Attend Mass Comm Week

Burnie Burns, producer of the popular Web series Red vs. Blue, talks to students during Mass Comm Week 2011

Here are just 5 of the many reasons to attend Mass Comm Week:

1) Incredibly valuable information and advice from media professionals.
In no other arena will you find so many media professionals in one area gathered for the same purpose: to inform you on what’s going on in this ever-changing industry and how to succeed in the field.

2) Ongoing network opportunities with speakers, panelists and professors.
Wondering how to get your foot in the door in the Mass Communication industry? It takes connections! Not only will you have the opportunity to hear about how to be successful in the career in which you are interested, but you will also have the chance to personally connect with the professionals. Many students have met their future employers right here at Mass Comm Week!

3) There will be contests and PRIZES! 
During Mass Comm Week, there will be contests via social media for you to participate in and win great prizes! Details will be coming soon, so make sure to keep on the lookout for those! Follow Mass Comm Week on Twitter @txstatemcweek #mcweek for all the inside information.

4) Possible benefits from your Mass Comm classes.
During Mass Comm week, some of your professors might ask you to attend sessions during class times. Once you check out the schedule, ask your professors about panels that interest you and how to utilize the time effectively. Many of your professors know the speakers and would be happy to give you advice. There may even be class assignments or extra credit associated with the event, so take advantage of every opportunity.

5) There is something for everyone, not just Mass Comm students.
There will be professionals speaking on behalf of journalism, broadcast media, public relations, advertising, nonprofits, social media, politics, technology and much more. View the schedule for all the details.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your future!

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