LoMonte speaks about freedom of speech on college campuses

By Lauren Rexroad SAN MARCOS— Frank LoMonte spoke to students about freedom of speech and regulations on speech concerning students Tuesday during Mass Comm Week. LoMonte, Professor and Director of the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida, spoke during a Media Law class Tuesday morning in the Hines building. His lecture included several different examples […]

From Art Critic to Crime Reporter

By Jacob Karre j_k116@txstate.edu SAN MARCOS ­— During the final morning of Mass Comm Week, Elaine Aradillas, crime reporter for People magazine, talked about taking her career from South Texas to New York City. Aradillas’ relationship with crime reporting started with her interest in art. At college she earned her degree in art from the University of Texas. Her initial […]

Legislative analysts offer tips on transitioning to research

By Cristina Carreon cdc153@txstate.edu The law and journalism meet when the House of Representatives are in session, according to three legal research analysts who spoke at the “Writing about Policy as a Legislative Analyst” workshop on Tuesday. House Research Organization analyst Janet Elliot has a varied career in criminal reporting, public relations, and most recently legal research for the Texas […]

Assistant Attorney General Gives In-and-Outs of Open Privacy

By Shawn Dullye Chris Schulz spoke to Texas State students during Mass Comm Week about privacy laws referring to government documents and private interest. And for those of you who aren’t taking media law, that means discussing what documents the public can and cannot request the government to make public.Schulz started out by asking students “How much do you think […]

Alicia Wagner Calzada describes the tricky world of photojournalism ethics and law

According to Alicia Wagner Calzada, President Emeritus of the National Press Photographers Association, the way journalists and news outlets conduct their business is the basis of the public’s trust in them. “Ethics is the single most important thing that news organizations have,” Calzada said in her Thursday morning Mass Communication Week presentation. The talk gave an overview of the most […]