Design, Graphic by Nature

Design, Graphic by Nature

Photo by Josh Harlan
Photo by Josh Harlan – (left to right) Sam Kapila, Anthony Armandariz, Courtney Ryan Buie


By Josh Harlan
High profile designers paid a visit to the Alkek teaching theater as part of Mass Comm Week’s panel discussions.
Panel members Anthony Armandariz, product designer, Sam Kapila, designer and instructor at Texas State and Courtney Ryan Buie, a freelance integrationist, offered their unique perspective into the ever-changing world of graphic design and production.
Topics of discussion ranged from the project development process to the pertinence of portfolios and job acquirement skills to good and bad habits of designers. All the while sprinkling in personal anecdotes and bits of wisdom from the experienced panelists.
Kapila offered her advice as a lecturer to aspiring designers.
“Side projects can add life to your resume when presenting your work to potential employers,” Kapila said.
Continuing on the discussion of beneficial ideas for up-and-comers, Buie added insight into what she looks for in new hires.
“When I’m looking at resumes, I want people that have passion to work for me, even if they’re not the most qualified,” said Buie.
Joe Asevedo, design major, and Nicollette Aguilar, public relations major, said they were surprised by the insightful content of the panel.
“I was expecting it to be mostly technical jargon and product recommendations,” said Asevedo. “I took a lot more away than I expected.
“I agree with Joe. I came here because it was part of an assignment in one of my classes but I can use what I’ve learned here in my field and beyond,” said Aguilar.
Kapila reminded the attendants that students can review the panel questions and the members of the panels by visiting a page of her website, SamKapilar.com, she dedicated for the event.

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