Heloise Shares Communication Tips

Heloise spoke Monday at the Texas State University Round Rock campus. She is a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and author. Heloise also writes a column for Good Housekeeping Magazine. The audience ranged from students to local citizens in their late 70’s. Heloise’s charisma, charm, and witty personality quickly won over the audience. The crowd loved her and enjoyed every bit of information she shared. Her main focus was how communication is far different today than it was 30-40 years ago. She explained that everyone learns at different levels using visual, audio or written cues. I had a chance to interview Heloise after her speech. She is a remarkable woman with great knowledge about communication. She knows perfectly how to convey it. Heloise has a dynamic personality and connects easily with her audience. One great piece of advice she shared that many students should focus on is “No matter what kind of experience you have, it will better you in life.” – Sascha Asghari

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