Mass Comm professionals share insight with Texas State students

Mass Comm professionals share insight with Texas State students

By Nicole Barrios
Professionals in different fields held discussions with students Monday night at the “So You Want to Be a Mass Comm Professional” event during Texas State Mass Comm Week.
Students spoke in small groups with professionals in the fields of advertising, electronic media, public relations and journalism. The speakers shared stories of their background in their chosen field and gave students advice for the future.
Jeremy Cox is the digital director at McGarrah Jessee, an advertising agency in Austin, and a Texas State University alumnus. Cox spoke to a crowd of five students during the first round of group discussions.

Jeremy Cox speaks with mass comm students
Photo by Nicole Barrios

Cox said after graduating from Texas State, he interned at an agency and was hired after four months. At that agency, he went from intern to digital director after seven years of work. He later changed jobs and went to work for McGarrah Jessee.
He said when he joined McGarrah Jessee, there were television ads, billboards and print ads, “but not any digital.”
“I wasn’t given the keys to the kingdom, I was given the keys to the shed and I turned it into a kingdom I guess,” Cox said.
Camila Pulecio, advertising senior, attended Cox’s group discussion.
“I came because I want to be more informed about advertising,” Pulecio said. 
Alicia Vazquez, public relations freshman, said she attended the event to complete the PACE assignment for freshmen. Vazquez said she interviewed Grace Capwell, a public relations lecturer at the university.
“I found out that the person I interviewed is going to be my professor for next semester, so I also wanted to meet her,” Vazquez said.  
Robert Kolker, writer and editor for New York Magazine, shared his view of journalism.

Robert Kolker talks with Daniel Seed in Old Main 320
Photo by Nicole Barrios

Kolker said as a journalist “you learn something new all the time, you’re constantly talking to new people and understanding the world in new and interesting ways.” He said being a journalist is a collaborative career and allows a writer to go into situations they never thought they would.

Kolker told students to subscribe to a couple of publications and “learn by osmosis.” He also advised students to take writing intensive classes. 

Nicole Barrios is a journalism junior at Texas State University. You can see clips of her work from The University Star at http://star.txstate.edu/taxonomy/term/47 

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