Memes. We've Got Memes.

We asked you to express yourself visually during Mass Comm Week. We’ve reached the deadline. Check the details here.

Here are the submissions for the contest that we have received. The specific requirements were to  “Use your visual creativity to shoot a video, create a meme, make an animated gif, create a Tumblr or any other online visual demonstration (there are websites that help you make memes and animated gifs) to express your interest in a specific career field or particular company.”

They need your votes and comments! Visit the links below or check out the album on Facebook, which also includes some great shots by Professor Dave Nolan.

Get your friends to comment and like! We’ll be awarding the winner after 5pm on Mon., Nov. 5.

Diana Garcia

Joe Trevino of SMCTXST

Ana Lisa Moreno – she had several!

Alec W Bieniawski

Jose Gonzalez

Kristie Vela

Michelle Gaitan

Faculty Memes
Faculty aren’t eligible for the iPod giveaway, but that didn’t stop them from getting creative!

Dave Nolan

Cindy Royal

Jacie Yang

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