Preparing for Careers in Digital Advertising and Social Media

Preparing for Careers in Digital Advertising and Social Media

By Sarah Sanchez, scs142@txstate.edu

A panel of social media experts, digital designers, and digital content producers visited Mass Comm Week Thursday to give their advice when applying for jobs and insight into the working world of digital advertising and social media.

The panel consisted of Cody Herring, a digital strategist for White Hat Agency, Emily Burns, associate editor for The Berry, Taylor Wood, a marketing analyst for Resignation Media and Andrea Windmeyer, a creative strategist for Unique Influence.

The panelists had a lot of advice to give the audience when looking for a job in the digital advertising or social media field, and how to be prepared when applying for those jobs.

When asked how students can be prepared when applying for internships or jobs in the field, Herring told audience members to first focus on their resume.

“Tailor your resume and cover letter to what that job is for,” Herring said. “Make it seem like that’s what you’re passionate about.”

Herring also said that while a resume is essential during the interviewing process, personality matters the most. In agreement, Burns said it is important to hone in the focus on what your skills are and what you’re good at.

“Self-branding is extremely important,” Burns said. “Don’t try to sell them what you think they want.”

Wood said another important part of the interviewing process is being prepared for the interview and to research the company you are being interviewed for.

“If an interviewer ever asks if you have any other questions for them, you always come prepared with those questions,” Wood said.

Moderating the event was Texas State lecturer Emmeline Olson. While Olson led the event, the audience was full of questions to ask the panel of professionals.

Senior public relations major Brynn Greenelsh said she thought all the advice the panelists gave was helpful and informative.

“My biggest takeaway would be what Cody said about not tailoring yourself to the job but finding a job that fits you and working towards you,” Greenelsh said. “I thought that was great advice.”

 For more tips or advice on how to perfect your resume and interviewing skills visit the Texas State Career Services website.

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