Preview Graduate Research Panel

Four graduate students will present research papers with a diverse range of topics from within the past year. Mass communication graduate students presenting are: Chris Troutman, Jaime Kilpatrick, Justin Udomah and Cooper Cherry.

“The grad students have an opportunity to practice presenting research to an audience,” Kilpatrick said. “This is good because some grads may wish to present their research at a conference in the future, and any practice is beneficial.”

She said the audience could benefit from the session and see the type of research that can be done in the mass communication field.

“I think this is important because so many students hear the word ‘research’ and automatically get bored and uninterested,” Kilpatrick said. “But there really are so many cool topics and angles people can take. For me, I just found something I enjoyed and then found a way to research it.”
She said sections in a newspaper, such as the comics’ page, are often ignored, but can be entertaining to research from many angles.

“There may be underlying issues or themes that come out by doing thorough research,” she said.
The session will be on Oct. 21 at 3:30 p.m. in Old Main 201.

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