Rebecca Aguilar


by Lorenzo Almanza

As part of their annual Mass Communications week, Texas State University hosted a variety of guest speakers and presented various lectures students can relate too. One of those speakers was Freelance writer and reporter, Rebecca Aguilar. Aguilar’s topic of discussion was “You can be a Success.” Senior Lecturer, Kim Fox explains the importance of having guest speakers like Aguilar.

“We can all learn from the experience professionals have had because everyone has had a different story,” Fox said.

As part of her discussion, Aguilar presented 18 tips in relation to journalism, as well as achieving life long success. Junior Public Relations major, Terin Thomas speaks about Aguilar’s presentation and what she obtained from the lecture.

“I was really motivated by Rebecca,” Thomas said. “She said a lot of good things especially some things I really needed to hear at the moment.”

Some of Aguilar’s tups included learning from your parents, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and finding a mentor. Thomas talks about her favorite topic and why.

“I really liked when she talking about being able to move,” said Thomas. “You know were still learning and going through things.”

Aguilar stresses the importance of success as an individual and a journalist. She explains why gives this kind of presentations.

“What better way to keep journalism alive,” Aguilar said. “I just really want to inspire people to do things that I am doing.”

Over the years, Aguilar has 48 awards and reported at various events including the SuperBowl and Emmys. She talks about the importance of her success and its relation to students.

“If I don’t talk to kids or students then who is going to inspire them,” Aguilar said.

One thing Aguilar hopes students gain from her lecture  is the idea of success.

“Success keeps you alive, success jeeps you happy and it shows an individual’s mark in life,” Aguilar said.

Aguilar has had various experience from being a social media coach, to a news consultant to being a video producer. She currently resides in Dallas, Tx with her husband and son.

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