Robert Rivard By: Kaitlin Moore

Robert Rivard Speaks to Students on Changing Media World
By Kaitlin Moore:
            Creator of Rivard Report, Robert Rivard is a speaker for today at Texas State University’s Mass Communication week, speaking with students about how the world is changing and his position on storytelling of San Antonio through journalism.
Rivard also known as Bob, is famously known as the former San Antonio- Express News Editor and Executive Vice President, who had been a leader in the news room since 1997. The Michigan native has worked for over five Texas newspapers expanding over a 34 year career without ever getting a college degree. Rivard now operates and founded  www.rivardreport.com.
Rivard speaks about different ways graduating seniors can get jobs in this changing world. He suggests, “An awful lot of interesting jobs out there are from Start Ups if you are in the media world.” It is small people breaking out of small PR companies, advertising agencies, or marketing agencies.
Rivard also discusses how hiring for media positions have changed. “Previously in Express News people would need five to seven years of experience and worked at one or two other papers. Now we have switched rapidly to hiring people the day they get out of school. Why? Because suddenly we needed to get out of print and get into digital with people who understood how to operate on the web,” says Rivard.
 Rivard stresses to the audience about the importance of a good story. He says, “Everyone has at least one great story.” Rivard then connects storytelling from the days of campfires to today. Although it is done completely different people are still moved by a good story.  His website is meant for his readers to not only feel connected to the story, but to feel apart of it. Rivard’s fans tweet their love about the website and city: @Thelocalistmap, “Members of our great city never cease to amazing me @rivardreport ! #sanantontio #community.” Texas State Senior, John Carter says, “Bob’s story is really inspiring especially to our generation who are about to face the real work and need jobs.”
Mass Communication week will be continuing the rest of the week through November 1st with many other exciting speakers.

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