Thanks for a great week

Mass Comm Week 2008 was wildly successful. I would like to thank all the wonderful speakers that took time to share their experiences with our students. We had a great committee that organized the event, led by Dara Quackenbush. And our students did a fantastic job covering the event on this blog. We have had visitors from all over the U.S. and the globe, thus demonstrating the reach and impact of social media. The site has received almost 11,000 visits and 19,000 page views in the short time since it was launched on Oct. 5. And, we have this lasting record of the event that people can continue to visit and comment. We used most of the technologies that the professionals discussed as being critical to communication: blogs, Twitter, multimedia, feedback mechanisms, live broadcasts. I think everyone had fun, mostly because of the great content, but also for the participation.

Looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2009. Great work team!!!

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