The Importance of Networking Disscussed at Mass Comm Week

The Importance of Networking Disscussed at Mass Comm Week

By: Kat Lovell


By: Kat Lovell

SAN MARCOS — Two Texas State career advisers joined Mass Comm Week panels to talk about the importance of networking for students all across campus.

Sam Heimbach, a College of Fine Arts and Communication representative, and Bruce Howard, the head adviser of the College of Business, began the meeting by defining what networking really is and how essential it is for all.

“Your network is your NET-worth,” said Howard.

Both went on to discuss why students network and how to understand it’s purpose. Howard focused on the investment one makes when starting to network. He pointed out to students that reaping the reward for making connections isn’t always immediate. The investment he talked about was in future relationships with people in and out of one’s field that could one day be beneficial in multiple ways.

“Don’t dig a well when you’re thirsty,”said Howard, pointing out that students should start the process now rather than waiting for when they really need a job.

Elizabeth Hernandez, an applied science major, came to the communication panel hoping to start the steps to meeting professionals.

“I work in a research clinic and we do advertising too. I’m not a comm major obviously, but this could help me anywhere,” said Hernandez.

The session went on to give tips for starting conversations and highlighted the fact that anyone people meet in all situations can be a source for marketing and personal connections.

“Even people like your coaches or friends can be a resource for future opportunities,” said Heimbach.

Heimbach showed students how to develop an “elevator speech” to get conversations started in a professional environment. She told students that they need to first be personable with someone, but to also be direct in what they’re wanting.

Dress was also a big point the speakers talked about throughout the panel. Both advisers wanted students to know how to distinguish what to wear for certain occasions and gave examples of both business casual and business professional attire. Some students were concerned they didn’t have the appropriate clothing.

“I don’t really have professional khakis or a blazer. I only have nice jeans,” said Andrew Stock, an advertising major at Texas State.

Heimbach told students that they could go to the closet that student services has where students can borrow an outfit for free. They only request that the outfit is returned dry cleaned.

Teachers required many students to attend the panel and discussed its impact on students.

“I thought it was important for students to know they need to do this in the first place,” said Dan Seed, a lecturer of electronic media at Texas State.

The panel ended with students exercising some of the tips the speakers gave including a handshaking activity between audience members.

For more information on networking and for professional advice please visit the Career Services website atĀ www.careerservices.txstate.edu/.

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