What is Mass Communication Week?

Each October the Texas State University-San Marcos hosts Mass Communication Week, bringing in notable experts discussing issues, trends and work in mass communication. Whether it’s an anchor from CNN International or a public relations practitioner from a local organization, our students get to hear first hand what they need to know to go into journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations or social media.

The 2009 Mass Communication Week is Oct. 19-22. Our theme is “A Whole New Media; Keeping Up With the Changing World of Mass Communication.” As we know, the field of media is changing. With the closings/cutbacks of several newspapers, the increased fractioning of broadcast channels and the rise of social media, people are wondering what the future of mass communication will look like. We will explore this during Mass Communication Week and discuss what future professionals need to do to be a part of it.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Mass Communication week, email dq10@txstate.edu.

If you have been asked about speaking at the event, you can find more details at this post.

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