O Captain! My Captain!

photography by Jacqueline Lege
CJ Morgan stands on the steps of Old Main.

“First off, let me transition into radio mode.” He shifts his weight, clears his throat and looks at the room: “It’s CJ Morgan – the CAPTAIN, 93.7 KLBJ… this is how we all talk… all the time.”
Despite his affect, CJ Morgan has a method to his madness. Known primarily for his evening spot on 93.7 KLBJ, he is an avid prankster with a flair for off-color, bawdy humor. On October 21st, 2014, CJ gave a seminar at Texas State University for Mass Communication week, and it became clear that this behavior is an aspect of his job that he gets to enjoy after years of directed effort. It started right off the bat with Texas State; he had a friend who set him up with a job doing promotions, popping up tents, running broadcasts, and he taught himself how to edit videography.
“Ever since I’ve started in radio… I always had to do extra things. One of the things I really honed in on and became good at was digital media – social media,” said Morgan. In fact, he had the seminar live-tweet the event. “In television, in print, in radio – whatever you’re doing, whatever industry you’re going into, the most important thing is Twitter.”
As huge social media user he consistently creates content on his Twitter, Instagram, and blog because of his belief in the success of keeping the “Three C’s” in mind: creating consistent compelling content.
One example of this “Can’t Get a Job on the Radio Podcast,” in which Morgan and his partner Chewie would sit in empty studios and create a fake radio show, commercials and all. They would call people around the office and introduce them to the “audience.” They did this constantly for a year, so that when he was able to finally speak to the program directors, he had a years’ worth of tangible practice in radio.

If students are interested in interning at KLBJ, Morgan recommends to get in touch with Larry Carlson to email Morgan directly.



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