From Backpack to Briefcase: Q&A Panel

By Caelan Bernal

Photo by Caelan Bernal
Maria Balandra, Nick Bastress, Michael Baum and others are answering questions for students. Photo by Caelan Bernal

Texas State alumni who now are professionals in the field of advertising gave students advice this week on what it takes to get your first job, and what to expect.

They discussed the paths they took to get to where they are now, and gave advice on how to be successful in the field. The tips came from Maria Balandra, Nick Bastress, Michael Baum, Kala Brock, Brian Edwards, Rhea Friesen, Kelby Schmidt, Brittany TeagueThe most recurrent advice was to make connections with everyone you meet and to network.

“Highlight whats awesome about you,” said Michael Baum. “Networking is key.”

Being from Texas State themselves they continually stressed the importance of getting involved on campus and taking advantage of your resources. Several of them said that they made  a connection that eventually led them to a job, while doing an event for Ad Club. They also stressed the importance of having as many internships as you can.

“Just because you get a degree,” said Nick Bastress, “it doesn’t guarantee you a job.”

The students were eager to ask the alumni for advice, and were appreciative of the advice.

“I think of all the mass comm week events stuff like this where they have actual  alumni come back and talk is the most beneficial,” said Kris Garza. ” they were here where we started, and are at where they are now. It gives you an initiative to reach for it because you know that it is possible.”

Ryan Love, an Electronic Media student at Texas State, said the advice resonated with him.

“I learned that it’s not too late,” Said Love. “I struggle with the internships, I didn’t know whether I should get one know, or wait, or even how to go about getting one.”

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Caelan Bernal is a Senior Electronic Media major at Texas State University. He will be graduation in December 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media.



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