Alumni give students advice on working in the industry

By: Tyvia Chandler
Three of Texas State’s alumni came back to the university today to speak with students about their experiences in the industry and give advice on things they have learned throughout their careers.
Marissa Deslatte, media planner for The Company of Others, Brian Edwards, account coordinator for MOSAK Advertising and Insights and Jeremy Cox, director of digital for McGarrah Jesse, spoke about their individual paths into their current positions, all stressing the effects of holding multiple internships and the importance of doing internships before and after graduation to lead to full-time jobs.
“Internships are a great way for you to try before you buy,” said Marissa Deslatte. “It works both ways,” added Cox. “You can find out if a job is a good fit for you and at the same time employers are looking to see if you’re a good fit for them.”
The alumni also spoke about their time at the university and shared what they would have done differently, like taking up a minor in philosophy to learn the how’s and why’s behind things or even a minor in Spanish because companies are always looking for employees with a background in more than one language.
They encouraged students to be proficient and build their skills in multiple areas in order to stand out when looking for a job and competing with other prospects.
“If there was something I could have done differently, I would have marketed myself better,” said Deslatte.
Getting the job is the goal, but the alumni also spoke about ways to do a job well and keep it, informing students that being proactive and showing initiative is key. However, it is not guaranteed that the job will always be easy or familiar. When going into something new, Brian Cox suggests to “try to find a way to relate a new task to something you’ve already done.”
“I learned that you really should love what you do and have a balance between your personal and work life,” Emily Burns, an electronic media junior said, at the end of the discussion. “I feel like this was really beneficial.”
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