Keeping up with the evolution of media

Jim McNabb and John Bridgesspoke to a room full of Texas State students on Tuesday about the evolution of media and what the future of media may bring.

The speakers told the crowd that the “old ” media is threatened by new media technologies. McNabb stressed that the newspaper industry has to”figure out a way to survive” in order to compete with the ever changing and growing internet.

With the television industry dwindling, there is less money. Hence, with less money there is not enough staff to get thorough news stories nor more news stories. Therefore, online jobs are taking over.

McNabb, who has been in the media industry for over 40 years and now works as a consultant, said that the biggest threat is that “there is not enough revenue.”

“Every medium is being asked to do less with more. The beast is hungry and the beast must be fed,” Bridges, who works as a sports editor at the Austin American Statesman, said.

McNabb said that future media professionals will mean one person doing it all: shooting, editing, writing and airing. The future media professional must be “a multi-platform performer.”

Photos provided by: Jim McNabb and Julia Hankins
Video provided by: Julia Hankins
Story by: Julia Hankins

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