The Growing Hispanic Media

By J. P. Walker

J. R. Gonzales and Evelina Solis, radio talk show hosts of 501 News Latino and motivational speakers, came to speak at Mass Comm Week on Tuesday, Oct. 18. They discussed changes that the Latino market has endured in the past several years. In the past ten years the Hispanic market has grown 43 percent and 1 out of 6 people in the United States is now Hispanic. Now more than ever “there is a real need for people of color, people who speak Spanish,” said Gonzales.

Gonzales is a self-made businessman who has met with the President a total of 4 times and has visited the White House. Gonzales graduated from Texas State, which at the time was called Southwest Texas State University.

Gonzales and Solis work with young people and young professionals in order to prepare the next generation of communicators. Their primary message for young people is to stick to your guns, have a dream, and pursue it.

Not surprisingly, Gonzales and Solis have great chemistry and work off each other very well. Joking and picking fun at each other, they were able to get a few quick laughs out of the audience. The audience was primarily made up of Hispanic students and there was even a group of high school students in attendance.

If you want to reach them or ask a question they are on Facebook and you can also reach then on their website Solis also has her own website,

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