The New American Realty: A Conversation with Luis Patino

By Lauren Carney
Luis Patino, VP and General Manager of Univision, has let Texas State students in on the new American reality. He opened his presentation with the video below saying, “Simple is sometimes best.”
With the Hispanic population growing, Univision has become one of the primary ways Hispanics get their news. Patino spoke about assimilation and acculturation and how the two are different. Acculturation is “non-ending” Patino says, and is shaping the changing world we are living in today.

While most people coming to America assimilate and forget their native language, Hispanics find their language very important. Patino shared that like many others, he felt strongly about his native language staying in his family. Patino’s daughter, who is bilingual, sat in the audience.
Language is the third tool that Hispanics want to retain and keep culturally relevant and it is something that will always be significant to them. Language is the No. 1 determinate with media but “content is king.”
Patino pointed to the World Cup as a prime example of why Hispanic choose Univision over other news stations.

“More people watch the World Cup on Spanish language television than they do in English,” he said. On ESPN the commentator says “goal” and continues commentating, but on Univision the commentator goes on for an hour about one score being made. “Goooaaaaalll!”

Patino ended with the idea that acculturation today is not what it was years ago. He says that we should think of the world “salad bowl” rather than an “melting pot” and consider the many opportunities that are right at our fingertips.

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