Want to Be Successful? Brand Yourself

Want to Be Successful? Brand Yourself

By Jade Anderson

The author of “Brand You! Getting Ready to Get a Job in the 21st Century” Bruce Bendinger, gave Texas State students advice Tuesday on how to create a successful brand.

With several years of experience in the media industry, one thing he expressed is the importance of creating a personal network.

“You’re as good as your database,” said Bendinger. He also told students that getting out there by volunteering and making sure to keep in touch with people is one to stay connected.

He talked about how creating a database is important because it may present a person with a valuable opportunity.

“I’m glad I attended this event, I didn’t know how important branding yourself really is,” said public relations major, Abigail Martinez. 

Bendinger compared the media to a revolution, implying that the change the media is currently facing, is for the good of the future.

“Media is becoming something that we all can be a part of,” said Bendinger. He believes the 21st century has a lot of opportunities. 

“I’m glad I got to attend this presentation, ” said electronic media major, Dan Lee. “Branding yourself is the most important thing you can do.”

Technological advances provides people in the media industry another way to brand themselves, and it’s to their advantage.

When asked to describe his own brand, Bendinger says, “Bruce.”

This workshop is a part of Texas State University’s annual Mass Comm Week, which gives all mass communication students the opportunity to learn and connect with industry professionals. To find out more about events happening this week visit

Bruce Bendinger opens his presentation with his biography.
Bruce Bendinger opens his presentation with his biography.

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