HBCUGameday draws attention to community

By Rebecca Cole   SAN MARCOS-Dedicated to fairness, accuracy and sports, Steven J. Gaither saw a need for coverage. Making the right plays led him to create HBCUGameday. After graduating from Winston Salem State in 2009, Gaither created the HBCUGameday website in 2012 to highlight culture and athletics at Historically Black Colleges. Gaither targets community which has helped increase follower […]

From Art Critic to Crime Reporter

By Jacob Karre j_k116@txstate.edu SAN MARCOS ­— During the final morning of Mass Comm Week, Elaine Aradillas, crime reporter for People magazine, talked about taking her career from South Texas to New York City. Aradillas’ relationship with crime reporting started with her interest in art. At college she earned her degree in art from the University of Texas. Her initial […]

Tips on How to Land a Good Advertising Job

Director of Chicago Portfolio School concluded Tuesday’s events for Mass Communication Week, speaking about how to get a good job in the advertising field. Jeffrey Epstein graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in history. Although his major didn’t have anything to do with advertising, he was always fascinated with the subject. His career with advertising has led […]

Mass Comm Week: Meet and Greet

By Kristen Smith San Marcos River by Kristen Smith Mass Communications week at Texas State spans 4 days every year to focus on professionals, students and professors of the mass communications realm. This year, there were an array of seminars and sessions available for students to go to, all focusing on different aspects of mass communications. The final event took […]

Telling the Untold Stories

Picture an Italian American. Now, picture a Texan Italian American. Documentary filmmaker Sergio Carvajal-Leoni said he wants to give Texans, and everyone, a picture of the Italian American culture in Central Texas. “We’re not telling our own stories,” he said, adding that people come from other places, like California, to tell the “Texas” story. Carvajal-Leoni’s stories focus on hyperlocalized and […]


by Jairus Popp Texas State alumni Carmen Graf presented to Texas State students during Mass Communication Week the importance of incorporating the creative and advertising fields while captivating your targeted audience. Speaking from experience, Graf is currently the vice president and executive media director for the company GSD&M. GSD&M, a full-service advertising agency out of Austin, Texas, has both its […]

Paul Burka and Eileen Smith: Traditional vs. New Media

Paul Burka and Eileen Smith had a great discussion on traditional and new media, Wednesday at 3:30. Burka, senior executive editor for Texas Monthly, has been with Texas Monthly since one year after it started. He spoke about how his opinion of traditional media and new media transformed over time. “The new world of media was 25 years away back […]