Mass Comm Week: Meet and Greet

By Kristen Smith


San Marcos River by Kristen Smith

Mass Communications week at Texas State spans 4 days every year to focus on professionals, students and professors of the mass communications realm.

This year, there were an array of seminars and sessions available for students to go to, all focusing on different aspects of mass communications. The final event took place at the Meadow Center on Aquarena Springs.

Annie Werner is the managing editor and project specialist at Tumblr, where she has been for 4 years. She gave some insight to her experiences to review what mass communications week is like from the aspect of someone who has given presentations.

“This is my third year at mass communications week,” Werner said. “I like hearing from the students and hearing about their challenges so that I can dole out advice.”

Lauren Huston, communication design major, is finding different uses for the networking opportunities that mass communication week presents.

“I met professionals from big companies that I can use to meet creative reps from their respective companies to get farther in my field,” Huston said.


People mingling in the Spring Lake Hall at The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment by Kristen Smith


Out of the dozens of events that took place for mass communication week this year, the meet-and-great event proved to be the most beneficial.

“I really didn’t have the opportunity to go to as many events as I was interested in for mass comm week,” Kelby Keeling, public relations major, said. “I felt like at this session I was able to network and communicate with more people than I would have met at a seminar in a classroom.”

The session provided an opportunity to close down the week with conversations between professors, professionals and students of all majors. It also provided a chance for students to understand how to better plan their paths for the future.

“The big theme of mass communications week, that I’ve noticed, is creating your own internet and content,” Werner said. “You get to choose your own experience.”

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