“CREATIVITY” in the Real Advertising World

Heidi Kucera

Frustration with clients, rejection and creative limitations are part of the reality that comprise a career in advertising.

Sara Helmy, CEO of the advertising and marketing firm Tribu, spoke on Thursday at Texas State University’s annual Mass Comm Week.

Helmy, an alumna of Texas State University,  was accompanied by her co-worker John Speer, who works as the creative director at Tribu.

Tribu is a marketing, advertising and design studio located in San Antonio that Helmy founded in 2011 at the age of 22.

Helmy and Speer spoke to students about creativity in the advertising world, and gave tips on how to handle the limitations that come with creativity.  They also stressed on the idea that your client is always your number one priority.

Helmy expressed to students that clients aren’t always going to like your ideas, or what you present to them, and that this is actually beneficial to your learning.

“Rejection is part of the job. You will get rejected more than you will get accepted,” Helmy said.


Sara Helmy and John Speer speak on behalf of Mass Comm Week.

Photo By Heidi Kucera

Helmy presented the listeners with a PowerPoint to go with her lecture, which listed many tips to help students in understanding the world of marketing and advertising.

“Don’t Enter With the Wrong Expectations”

  •            You are rarely, if ever, allowed to write freely.
  •             More ideas will be turned down than will be brought to fruition.
  •              You will get tired of rejection.
  •              You will get frustrated with clients.
  •              You will be tempted to blame everyone else.

Helmy stressed that one of the most important factors is reminding yourself that the customer is always right, and that their happiness comes first.

“You have to have respect for the gap of knowledge that exists between you and the client,” Helmy said.

Helmy expressed that while Tribu isn’t currently looking for an intern, any students interested in an internship are more than welcome to email their portfolio to hello@wearetribu.com

Heidi Kucera is mother of one, and journalism minor at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She will graduate in May, and go on to pursue a career in teaching High-School English.  She resides in Kyle, Texas with her two year old son Slade.


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